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The call for major grants, research grants and dissertation grants is now closed.

Next time the call will be open in 2023.

The Call for travel grants will not be open in 2022

Cancer Foundation Finland is not opening a call for travel grants in 2022. Next time the call for traveling grants will open in 2023.

The call for major grants and research grants will open in 1 June 2022.

Major grants for research into prostate cancer, lymphoma and blood cancer

In 2021, the Cancer Foundation has allocated more than 7 million euros in grants for cancer research. The Foundation’s major grants were granted for research projects targeting prostate cancer, acute leukemia and B-cell lymphoma.

How and with what criteria does the Cancer Foundation award research grants?

Grants for research and scientific activity are awarded annually in spring (travel grants) and autumn (research grants and dissertation grants). The grant decisions are made by the Board of the Cancer Foundation.

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In addition to research grants, the Cancer Foundation also supports research in other ways.

For instance, the Cancer Foundation supports research at the Finnish Cancer Registry with some 1.2 million euros annually.

Together with the K. Albin Johansson Foundation, the Cancer Foundation provides funding for research posts of the Foundation for the Finnish Cancer Institute, such as research professorships, senior scientist posts and postdoctoral researcher posts. Every two years, the Foundation for the Finnish Cancer Institute organises, together with a university, an international symposium for cancer research. The Cancer Foundation also supports the organisation of the symposium.

Furthermore, the Cancer Foundation co-funds joint Nordic research projects financed by the Nordic Cancer Union’s (NCU) Cancer Research Fund. Finland will chair the NCU in 2021–2023, and the Secretary General of the Cancer Society of Finland will chair the NCU Board. The Cancer Society is also responsible for the activities of the NCU Scientific Committee and for other secretariat services.

The Cancer Foundation can also, at its discretion, support scientific meetings or other scientific activities related to cancer prevention organised in Finland based on individual initiatives or proposals.

Professorship in cancer epidemiology

Together with Tampere University, the Cancer Foundation funds a part-time (20%) professorship in cancer epidemiology at the Unit of Health Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences of Tampere University. The professor teaches courses and supervises doctoral dissertations in the International Doctoral Programme in Epidemiology and Public Health (IPPE). Currently, the professorship is held by Adjunct Professor (Title of Docent) Janne Pitkäniemi, Director of Statistics at the Finnish Cancer Registry. The Cancer Foundation has also supported Tampere University by covering the accommodation and living expenses of cancer epidemiologists from developing countries participating in the doctoral programme.

Online service for costs of cancer treatment

The Cancer Foundation maintains (in Finnish) an online service that provides updated information on the total costs of cancer by cancer type and region. The costs can also be examined by cost category. The service allows you to monitor cost development and compare cost levels and cost structures between regions. You can also follow the development of costs in relation to the number of new cancer cases.